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Job Tracking

Capture job progress from start to completion.

Keep track of every job

Log the progress of a job in real-time using touchscreens, keyboard and mouse or mobile device. Barcodes can also be generated for individual jobs and operations and then scanned by barcode readers.

"We can now track jobs throughout the company so we always know where we are."



Reduce admin

With real-time data capture

Increase efficiencies

By measuring the time spent on each job

Improve quality

With electronic quality control forms

Improve communication

All users can view most current data relating to each job

Job Tracking Features

Live work-to lists
Provide operators with a real-time work-to list and next step prompting.
View job tickets on shop floor
Create custom job bags that are viewable and printable by operators on the shop floor.
View jobs, milestones and last operations from the shop floor
Provide your team with a real-time flow of information including up-to-date work in progress and production tracking information. 

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