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Job Management

Take control of your production workflow and have complete transparency of where all jobs are at any given time.

Manage all aspects of a job

The job management module is a central hub that captures and displays all information about a job. Your whole team will be able to view job components and production processes and instantly see where any job is in the production workflow at any time.

Combine with our job tracking module to track jobs across your shop floor and access real-time data about where each job is in the production workflow.

"Tharstern has helped the APS Group to improve profits through cost savings and recovery, improved productivity and streamlined our workflows."

APS Group


Increase profit margins

Accurately calculate job costings to identify the most profitable jobs or customers. Compare actual costs against estimates.

Increase visibility of your business

See where any job is at any time without leaving your office.

Save time with automated data capture

Quickly analyse labour and machine efficiencies by automatically capturing shop floor data.

Accelerate your workflow

Receive alerts about missed milestones and the resulting consequences, enabling you to quickly get things back on track.

Job Management Features

Compare estimated vs actual costs
Review all estimated costs compared with actual costs for any job, allowing you analyse the effectiveness of your estimating process and identify workflow issues.
Monitor additional costs
Unexpected costs such as artwork amendments or additional proofing or packing charges can make a big difference when it comes to job profitability. Our Extra Costs tool allows you to view all costs incurred on each job, allowing you to make a decision about whether or not they can be passed on to the customer and learn lessons for the future.
Monitor key production milestones
Use production milestones to define critical date constraints within a job and monitor through a central dashboard.

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