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The Tharstern MIS is a fully integrated and modular Management Information System that can be configured to the requirements of your business.

Our software has been driven and shaped by new technologies, changing trends and user feedback to develop a powerful and comprehensive MIS that can benefit your business from the onset and into the future. 


The Tharstern CRM has been designed specifically for printing companies and provides your Sales and Customer Service teams with access to valuable data, whether they’re in the office or out on the road.

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Our intelligent print estimating module gives you confidence that you’re producing the best possible quote based on different production routes, processes and margins.  

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Job Management

The job management module is a central hub that captures and displays all information about a job.  Your whole team will be able to view job components, production processes and instantly see where any job is in the production workflow at any time.

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Job Tracking

Log the progress of a job in real-time using touchscreens, keyboard and mouse or mobile device.  Barcodes can also be generated for individual jobs and operations and then scanned by barcode readers.

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Our purchasing module allows you to easily manage your purchases from within your MIS, putting you in control of the production and purchasing cycle and helping to reduce administration and production overheads.

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The scheduling  module gives you full control of production scheduling throughout your workflow, enabling your team to manage delivery deadlines, optimise capacity and react to ever-changing demands and priorities.

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Our fulfillment module pulls together all aspects of production, storage, kitting and distribution to streamline your order processing workflow.  You can effectively manage all manufactured, non-manufactured, over-printed, call-off and bought-in stock requirements.  

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The Inventory module works together with the Purchasing module to offer a real-time facility for managing both finished goods and raw materials.  The multi-location stock feature allows you to quickly and easily manage inventory in multiple locations. 

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Tharstern offers seamless integration into not only the market leading Sage and QuickBooks management accounts solutions, but also enterprise level packages built on Microsoft SQL Server.

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Reporting & Analysis

The Reporting & Analysis module is a dynamic reporting and dashboard tool that delivers critical at-a-glance information.  It provides you with the ability to track Key Performance Indicators and communicate and align strategies across the business.  

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module gives you a smarter way to view your MIS information and investigate information relationships and trends previously only possible by expensive and time consuming database query and analysis.

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Advanced Imposition

The Advanced Imposition module allows you to give your whole team the power to quickly plan and impose most types of jobs - books, booklets, calendars, business cards, cartons and labels - with a single click!

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