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Our intelligent estimating software allows you to capture the knowledge of your estimating and production staff, and use it to digitize complex and time-consuming processes.


The brains behind the workflow

Our powerful estimating engine allows users with more limited experience of print production to calculate accurate estimates based on your pricing policies and preferred production routes.

More experienced users can 'teach' the MIS your company's imposition rules, so the software will automatically select the imposition that your production team would have chosen manually. 

With Tharstern, you have the ability to control signature placement, orientation, head direction, gutters and trim settings - all of which can be personalized for different products, substrates, grain direction, finished size and much more.

Tharstern MIS V7 Estimating

Key Features

Intelligent estimating logic

A complex set of algorithms are at work behind the scenes, meaning you can generate more estimates, more quickly, and amend existing ones at the click of a button.

Compare production solutions

Instantly compare costs and pricing between all the available methods of production (e.g. between your offset litho and digital presses) and then select the best option for your business from the different solutions presented to you.

Consistent pricing calculations

The estimating engine uses pre-defined product types and production routes to create estimates, which removes the guesswork out of estimating for print and keeps pricing consistent.

Easy to use interface

Estimators run through a user-defined checklist of options for a chosen product, so even staff with limited print production knowledge can create complex quotes.

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