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Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture

Capture job progress
from start to completion.


Keep track of every job

Log the progress of a job in real-time using touchscreens, keyboard and mouse or mobile device. Barcodes can also be generated for individual jobs and operations and then scanned by barcode readers.

Shop Floor Data Capture screenshots on tablets

Key features

Work-to schedules

When integrated to the Scheduling module,  provides operators with ordered work-to lists.

Capture real-time feedback

Using a simple intuitive interface, capture job activity and material costs in real-time.  Capture extra production costs and alert CSRs to important production situations.


View detailed job ticket information

Operators can view detailed production requirements including the status of previous operations, allocated materials, estimated times and actual artwork.

'Print passport' quality control

Product specific print passports allow you to sign-off on operations and capture QA checks by individual operators.

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