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Sheet Optimisation

Sheet Optimization

Enables you to create complex production ready layouts for variable sized rectangular and non-rectangular shapes from within the Estimating module.


Interact with IMP through Tharstern Estimating

Tharstern has been successfully using this technology to gang multiple jobs, potentially from multiple customers to optimize the manufacturing process, but it doesn’t help when savings need to be calculated beforehand to offer the most competitive price.

Utilizing IMP’s ganging and nesting technology, Tharstern can calculate intricate ganged solutions, offering different sized products on the same sheet. You can interact directly with IMP from within Tharstern Estimating to fine-tune these nested solutions.

Tharstern MIS V7 Sheet Optimization

Key features

Die library management

Has an optional die library management system for those customers who want to take advantage of existing dies.

Fine tune layouts

Allows users to interact and influence the layout to fine tune production decisions.

Optimize Projects

Allows users to optimize entire projects using the integration to our Estimate Importer add-on tool.

Use either CF2 or PDF files

Supports CF2 and PDF file for interlocked non-rectangle solutions.


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