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Layout Library

Layout Library

Teach your MIS to automatically select the imposition layouts that you would have chosen manually.


Create personalized impositions

If your prepress department are spending a significant amount of time correcting imposition layouts to fit in with your equipment and processes, you are wasting time and money.

So you need to make sure that your MIS selects the imposition layout that your prepress team would select manually.

Our Layout library tool lets you personalize standard impositions to match the imposition rules of your company / prepress department, and those exception to the rule layouts that don’t follow standard behavior.

Tharstern MIS V7 Layout Library

Key features

Create sheet profiles

Control what signatures are required and exactly where they must be positioned on the sheet, as well as controlling whether they are flipped or rotated so you can specify the head direction and/or low folio position.

Size agnostic

Finished size is agnostic, within tolerances, and so significantly minimizes the number of profiles required.

Allow for non-printable regions

Independent signature positioning control allows for production requirements such as slow-down wheels and post-press requirements.

Assign criteria to your layout profiles

Teach your MIS which Layout Profiles you want to use in certain situations by assigning them product types and specifying other criteria that may change their suitability e.g. substrate, run length, orientation, grain direction, sheet size and finished size.

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