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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Self-service data analytics for business leaders.


Explore your complex data and discover hidden trends

The Business Intelligence module provides an exciting new way for power users and key decision makers to consume MIS information and create actionable analytics.

Using a clean and intuitive drag and drop interface, users can investigate information relationships and trends previously only possible by expensive and time consuming database query and analysis.

Allows users without specialist database or development skills  to create and share spectacular infographics and charts based on information directly from their MIS.

Tharstern MIS V7 Business Intelligence

Key features

Sample apps and dashboards

Created by Tharstern with the help of our customers, the standard dashboards demonstrate the power of the Business Intelligence module whilst providing the key analytics required by most companies.

Self service reporting

There's no need for high cost development, coding or specialist report writing. A simple to use drag and drop interface enables the creation of powerful 'I’ll know it when I see it' solutions by almost anyone.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Work with our provided visuals and alter to your needs, or start from scratch. Create simple charts or highly complex illustrations that instantly respond to changes in context.

Smart search

Search the vast number of dimensions, measures and metrics in your data set to find the one you require in seconds using simple, natural grammar.

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