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Add some bells and whistles to our core MIS with these super cool add-on tools.

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Add-On Tools



Empower your planners with full control of your production capabilities.

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Manage finished goods fulfillment, including picking, packing and dispatch functions.

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Job Ganging@3x

Job Ganging

Identify and manage jobs suitable for combined production.

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Business Intelligence@3x

Business Intelligence

Self-service data analytics for business leaders.

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Shop Floor Data Capture@3x

Shop Floor
Data Capture

Capture job progress from start to completion.

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Layout Library@3x

Layout Library

Teach your MIS to automatically select imposition laydowns instead of choosing manually.

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Project Estimating

Project Estimating

Manage multiple estimates as a project and import campaign-based products to auto-create estimates.

Sheet Optimisation

Sheet Optimization

Enhance Tharstern’s Sheet Optimization using the power of Insoft Automation’s IMP

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