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Technology Guide for Printers

Print Job Tracking Software

If you’re looking for software that tracks a job through the production process, you are most likely looking for functionality such as our Shop Floor Data Capture. This software is installed and made available near your production resource and allows production operators to log which job they are working on, when they started producing the job, and when they finished it. This information is fed back into an MIS solution, allowing the MIS to calculate actual job costs, which can be used to compare against estimated job costs to analyze profitability and pricing strategies. This type of software isn’t normally standalone and comes as part of a Print MIS solution.

However, you might be looking for software that tracks your print jobs throughout their whole lifecycle, rather than just production. And in this case, you are definitely looking for a Print MIS solution. That’s because, for a print job to be transparent wherever it is during its lifecycle, you need to be using software that touches every part of your printing company. Once an estimate is turned into an order, you then need to track its progress through artwork proofing, pre-flighting, imposition, production, packing, delivery, and invoicing. The software that printers use to do this is Management Information Software.

You may also find these variations of this phrase:

  • job tracking software
  • production tracking software
  • print order tracking software
  • print production tracking software
  • print shop job tracking software