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One of the longest-running print MIS suppliers is launching a brand-new MIS for the label sector - Tharstern Cloud. Over the past 35+ years, Tharstern has watched the print industry change drastically and always kept up with the changes in demand for its customers.  

"Our customers have worked hard to evolve into technology companies, so they can offer the complete end-to-end service that the modern print buyer requires, so we‘re very excited to announce that we have developed a product that delivers the cornerstone requirements of an MIS but also offers unparalleled connectivity.” Keith McMurtrie, Tharstern CEO. 

The concept for Tharstern Cloud came from the idea of investing in both humans and technology, bringing together these parts to create a “bionic” workflow; 

“Most companies we work with have one thing in common – they understand the importance of having people and technology synergized. Bringing together two critical elements to create a Bionic way of working. Which is where Tharstern Cloud comes in.” McMurtrie, Tharstern. 

The new MIS from Tharstern has been built with an API-first approach. It has a fully accessible API, a pivotal piece of technology to reduce admin time, and human error and increase connectivity opportunities. Keith McMurtrie will be going into more detail about this at the launch. 

“This is just the start for Tharstern Cloud, over the coming months and years we have a lot of plans to expand into different sectors of print. We have built the foundations, which is a ground-breaking new product for the label sector, but the building continues.” Chris Burn, Head of Product, Tharstern.  

The official launch of the product takes place on the 27th of July. Due to Covid, the event will be an online launch where CEO Keith McMurtrie, alongside CFO Lee Ward, Head of Product Chris Burn, and Head of Marketing Amanda Newman, will be talking through the new product, all the clever functionality and the benefits for each department in a print business. 

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