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American Labels, based in Ozark, Missouri, is the latest company to sign up for Tharstern’s brand-new cloud-based MIS software.  

A manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, event tickets, and tags, the company had been looking for a software solution that would help them reduce paperwork, increase efficiencies, and build automation throughout their workflow. “Before Tharstern Cloud, we would have to use several different files and pieces of software just to get one project out to production,” said Stormy Young, Vice President of Administration. “I was having to change gears all day long, jumping from different excel files, word documents, and emails, and it was taking away valuable time that I should have been using to focus on my core duties.” 

Having experienced growth throughout every quarter in recent years, American Labels knew they needed to implement business workflow software that could adapt to suit their unique capabilities and keep up with demand. As soon as they came across Tharstern Cloud they knew it would work for them: “Tharstern’s ability to adapt to what we do every day is beyond what any other MIS software could even dream of doing,” said Stormy Young. 

The company is now live with estimating and order confirmations and has recently started using the Material Requestion and Work Instruction features. This will automate their entire office system for Estimating, Order Processing, and half of the Purchasing Department too. 

“Estimating on Tharstern Cloud is just so easy, even if it’s for a product that we haven’t set up yet. The software is just so clean and professional looking and it’s extremely easy to navigate once the Tharstern team walks you through everything.” 

Their CSR team now only has one touchpoint before it goes to the plant which has really increased their efficiency.  

“We’re thrilled to have American Labels live with the Tharstern Cloud solution,” said Keith McMurtrie, CEO at Tharstern. “The speed at which they’ve implemented the software has been impressive and is a testament not only to the great people there but also to our product development team, who’ve worked incredibly hard to create an intuitive, easy-to-use MIS product that requires minimal onboarding.”

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