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Technology Guide for Printers

Nesting Software Solutions

Imposition software can also include Nesting software functionality, to allow operators to nest irregular shapes together on the same sheet to minimize waste. This is used most commonly in the carton packaging and graphic display industries.

Examples of Imposition software for printing include:

  • Dedicated imposition software such as Insoft IMP, Tilia Labs Phoenix, Kodak Preps, Dynagram Dynastrip or Ultimate Technographics Impostrip, and Heidelberg Signa Station (although this is also used as part of Heidelberg’s Prinect Production).
  • Prepress software solutions such as Agfa Apogee Prepress have a dedicated module, Apogee Impose, to carry out the page impositions.
  • There are also imposition software plugins for applications like Adobe Acrobat, such as ‘Quite Imposing’ which can work alongside workflow software.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Other terms used to describe this type of software:

  • Prepress Imposition Software
  • Print Imposition Software
  • Press Imposition Software

How an MIS connects to imposition software

Your MIS solution will probably contain some functionality to impose, nest and gang, already but your provider may also have an integrated solution with a more comprehensive software application such as those listed above. Here at Tharstern we have both and offer an integrated imposition solution with the award-winning Insoft IMP. You will need to speak to your MIS provider to find out the extent of the functionality for your specific workflow.