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Technology Guide for Printers

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing software applications help you manage your marketing campaigns and automate your marketing activities. They range in functionality dependent on each software application but can deliver anything from basic email marketing campaigns to website design, automated sales sequence emails, proposal creation, chatbots, and social media management.

Other terms used to describe these marketing apps that connect with MIS software:

  • Print Marketing Automation
  • Print Marketing Software
  • CRM Marketing Software for Printers
  • Print Sales Automation Software
  • Email Marketing for Print

How an MIS connects to marketing software:

Some Print Management Information Systems, like Tharstern, have existing integrations with marketing software like HubSpot. But if your MIS has an API, then you can either work with your MIS partner to integrate with other marketing software or, if you have development resources in-house, then you can create this link yourself using the API.

What can be achieved:

As an example, our integration with Hubspot synchronizes information about customers, prospects, and opportunities so that sales, marketing, and estimating teams are looking at the same data. It also allows estimators and CSR teams to enroll contacts on to pre-defined marketing workflows within Hubspot. So for example, an estimator can create a list of customers who haven’t ordered anything in the past 6 months and enroll them in a Hubspot workflow that automatically sends out an email to that customer, offering them a ‘we’ve missed you’ discount or promotion. These automated actions can be pre-defined within Hubspot by the person responsible for marketing.