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Spotlight on Kodak 

A live chat show style session featuring 4 industry experts on integration.

Wednesday 29th April at 11:00 EDT

Regular hosts Keith and John will be joined by two integration experts from Kodak to demonstrate what can be achieved by integrating an MIS with the Kodak Prinergy workflow, and how to go about it.

Joining us for this ‘chat show style’ conversation will be:

  • Tomas Lefever,  Professional Services Manager at Kodak.
  • Peter Hulsman,  VP of Sales at Kodak.
  • Keith McMurtrie, CEO of Tharstern.
  • John Murphy, Workflow Specialist at Tharstern.

With a spotlight on the integration between Tharstern and Kodak Prinergy, they will be talking about and demonstrating:

  • Job submission and status feedback
  • Content submission from MIS  to job specific hot folders
  • Advanced workflow presetting
  • Approval and pre-flight feedback
  • Creating and delivering complex yet consistent impositions.

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