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The definitive guide to MIS implementation projects

Implementation Guide Workbook



Want to minimize disruption and do an awesome job? You need these workbooks in your life! Find out how to...

  • Ace each of the 9 stages of an implementation project
  • Keep your team motivated
  • Get buy-in across the board
  • Manage time and resources so you meet deadlines
You'll also get worksheets, notes pages, and our 'Wheel of Implementation' exercise to work through.

Request a pack of printed workbooks, or download the PDF version.

You’d be forgiven for breaking into a cold sweat at the very thought of an MIS implementation. Embarking on something that has the potential to disrupt yourself, your team and your whole business can do that to a person. But this white paper could be your secret weapon and the antidote to many sleepless nights!" - The Definitive Guide to MIS Imlementation Projects