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Listen to a live chat between 3 industry experts, who share their knowledge and experience of integrated workflows, plus guide us through what can be achieved with a Fuji/Tharstern integration.

This episode includes conversation with the below industry experts:

  • Eve Limeburner, Workflow Solutions Specialist, one of Fujifilm’s most experienced integration experts.
  • Keith McMurtrie, CEO of Tharstern and frequent industry speaker on integration topics.
  • John Murphy, Workflow Specialist from Tharstern with 20+ years of integration experience in a variety of different vendor workflows.

They discuss the most common obstacles that printing companies encounter when trying to implement an integrated workflow, and the strategies that need to be put in place to overcome these obstacles.

With a spotlight on the integration between Tharstern and Fuji XMF, they talk about and demonstrate:

  • Job submission and status feedback
  • Content submission from MIS and using Fuji’s XMF Remote portal
  • Advanced workflow presetting
  • Approval and pre-flight feedback
  • Creating and delivering complex yet consistent impositions

This is an open and frank discussion about real life situations and the complexities that come with them.

"What we're trying to do instead of people recieving information, writing it down and passing it to someone else for them to implement, is allowing whoever recieves that information to interract with it directly - removing mundane repetitive tasks"

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