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Wednesday 3rd July,  11am ET

Webinar: Success-Boosting Tips and Tricks for your MIS Implementation

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by:  Ross Edwards, Customer Enrollment Manager
In the second part of our MIS implementation webinar series, we’ll be sharing some motivational tips and tricks to help you knock your MIS project out of the park!

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Wednesday 1st May, 11am ET

The why and how of hiring in-house developers for your print business

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: Guy Rutter,  Head of Development

During this webinar, we will be talking through why it's important to have an internal development team in your print business, and how to hire the right people.

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Challenge our Layout Library tool

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: John Murphy, Workflow Specialist

In this live webinar session, John Murphy, our Workflow Specialist, shows you just how awesome Layout Library is. We let our customers test it out with problem impositions they have encountered in your business. Find out how Layout Library did!


Susan Moore

How to deliver a successful MIS implementation project

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: Susan Moore, Customer Enrollment Director

Our Customer Enrolment Director, Susan Moore, and Customer  Success Manager, Amy Durham, take you through how to have a successful  MIS implementation.


people sat round table - objects.jpg

How to create an automation culture in your print business

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: Keith McMurtrie,  CEO Tharstern

In this webinar, our CEO Keith McMurtrie told us how to create an automation culture in a print business and also why it's crucial.

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Why automated workflows don't work for printing companies

Hosted by PrintWeek

Guest Speaker: Keith McMurtrie, CEO, Tharstern

Delivered in partnership with PrintWeek, this webinar delved into the reasons why automated workflows don't work for printing companies and how you can adopt a Shift Left culture to stop this from happening. We also looked at what other printers have done and uncovered the secrets of the most successful printers, secrets that will help make your automated workflow a success.

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Robot question-353127-edited.jpg

How the Tharstern MIS deals with packaging workflows

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: Lee Ward, Sales Director and John Murphy, Workflow Specialist

 We take viewers through the Tharstern integration with Esko ArtiosCAD and show how the two pieces of software work together.

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Packaging colour ink-050057-edited

5 hot topics in print & how your business can benefit

Hosted by Infigo Software

Presented by: John Murphy, Workflow Specialist, Tharstern and Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software

 During this webinar, we discuss our 5 hot topics including; storefronts, interfaces, integration, automation and speed.

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5 things you can automate right now

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: John Murphy, Workflow Specialist, Tharstern

Making your workflow vision a reality - discover 5 things that you can automate right now.

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hands on table with connected images
Andy Red

Business Intelligence

Hosted by Tharstern

Presented by: Andy Strand, Customer Enrolment Manager & Paul Cook, Head of Customer Happiness

In this session we look at what you should be monitoring and measuring, balanced storecards and  how to use your MIS for continuous improvement.

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