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Technology Guide for Printers


A Customer Relationship Management solution (or CRM) is a tool used to help print businesses track client data such as contact details and communications. The level of functionality ranges dependent on the CRM solution, from a basic database for storing names and addresses, to a detailed log of all communications, documents, quotes, purchases, and associated tasks. They can also include features to help manage and report on pipeline forecasts and even basic marketing automation functionality such as automated email sending.

Some examples of CRM software used by printing companies are Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Freshsales, Pipedrive, and Dynamics 365.

Most print MIS solutions also have built-in CRM functionality that allows a printing company to:

  • Record contact and company details.
  • Create custom fields to store relevant information to help track client interactions and insight.
  • Use task management tools to help manage and organize sales teams.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns based on past quotes and orders.
  • Assign quotes to particular marketing activities, to help analyze and report on the ROI (Return on Investment) of these campaigns.

How an MIS connects to CRM software:

Integrating your print MIS with your CRM solution is often done using an API, and achieved by mapping fields together so that if a contact’s email address is updated in the CRM, for example, it will automatically update in the MIS. Dependent on the two pieces of software being integrated, you can also synchronize quote and order information so that users of the CRM software can see real-time changes that occur in the MIS software.