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Technology Guide for Printers

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software

Being in the graphic arts industry, you will most likely know exactly what CAD software is – it’s a design application that helps users create 3D models so that products can be visualized and planned before production.

You may also hear these terms used to describe this type of software:

  • CAD Packaging Software
  • Package Design Software
  • Packaging Artwork Management Software
  • Packaging CAD Software
  • Packaging Design Software
  • Product Packaging Software

Some examples of CAD software that integrate with print MIS software include:

How an MIS connects to CAD design software:

By integrating your MIS solution with your CAD software, you will have the ability to create nested impositions for irregular shapes within the MIS at the estimating phase. As an example, here’s what the integration between Tharstern MIS and Artios CAD will allow you to do:

  • Create new designs using ArtiosCAD parametric templates
  • Drive ArtiosCAD planning functions and change design attributes directly from within the MIS
  • Get multiple nesting solutions to choose from for optimum production
  • Use existing ArtiosCAD designs directly within the MIS.

This is a complex integration so this connection will need to be carried out by the MIS supplier working with the CAD software supplier.