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McGowans Print is a wide and large format specialist based in Ireland, with around 100 members of staff.


The company approached Tharstern in 2015 when they realized that their current MIS was making it difficult for them to meet their goals. The company have always strived to deliver the very best in print innovation, and they didn’t want this passion for continuous improvement to be hampered.

But with their current MIS system, it was hard for them to grow and increase efficiencies.


They wanted to increase productivity, but they were struggling to get a clear picture of the work that had come in or see how effective the machines were.

Crucially, they also wanted to gain more insight into their business, so they could identify where their growth opportunities were, and improve communication between departments.


Saif Ullah Mehr explains how production has transformed - “Now the planning and scheduling is all done for us and our Resource Manager’s job is a lot easier, so he can concentrate on things that add value to the business. We can also focus on getting more work in.”

Communication has definitely improved - “We’ve saved 15 hours a week in planned meetings alone. We're no longer wasting time in these areas, it frees up staff time to concentrate on production. The impact of that is improved throughput and greater productivity.”

“There has been a 15% year on year growth in turnover.”

The company now has more insight into business operations - “It has given us an extra insight into the things we weren’t doing correctly and the right way to do it, and we have a clear picture of where growth can be made. We also have a better handle on costs and margins.”

“Pricing for clients has improved a lot as well - we can estimate costs quicker and more accurately. This has been crucial to winning new work.”

There have been unexpected benefits too - “The investment has helped improve morale. Workflow is easier and when we add four or five people by the end of 2016, they will come into the job with a clear overview very early on.”

Their new way of working has also helped them improve customer experience - “It’s now quicker and easier to answer customer’s questions about where their job is and how long it will take. They know what to expect and they will know when we will deliver. It gives the customer the added confidence to send the work to us, because they know they can rely on us and trust our lead and delivery times.”


After an extensive evaluation process, McGowans chose to work with Tharstern.

Financial Director, Saif Ullah Mehr, explains one of the key reasons why Tharstern were the best choice for them:

"Tharstern are very involved with their customers. There are updates on new features and webinars, and you can see how the system is used elsewhere. I ask my colleagues to join them as well. The support is always there.

Tharstern is always developing new elements and we are keen to see how they will further improve our operations.”

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“It’s now quicker and easier to answer customers’ questions about where their job is and how long it will take. They know what to expect and they will know when we will deliver.”
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Saif Ullah Mehr

Financial Director, McGowans Print