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Business Intelligence Tools for Printers

Printers want their data to be more accessible, to be able to extract and analyse it, and that's where Business Intelligence tools step in. These tools provide MIS users with a way of finding out what's going on in a business,  and help them delve deeper into their data to find out why.

Business Intelligence Tool


Take a look at what a BI tool looks like and see some examples of how you would use it:

  • What BI is, and how it works
  • What it looks like and how the BI dashboards are structured
  • Some real-life examples of how different members of your team can use BI for reporting and planning
  • How to get started with BI


It’s basically a way of finding out exactly what’s going on in the business. So, where reports are a static view of what has happened so far, Business Intelligence (BI) shows you why things happened and highlights ways to improve things in the future. With a report, you have a screen or sheet of paper that gives you a series of figures describing past performance and current status. While that’s incredibly useful for tracking progress against KPIs, sometimes you need more than that.

A BI tool will use multiple sets of data, so you can see how things are related to each other. For example, if you have a traditional report which is showing ‘sales by rep’, it will only tell you the data that you have requested that the report show - the sales figures for each of your reps. But supposing you had questions about these figures, and wanted to filter the data so you could see how the reps were performing in different market sectors, or investigate how much profit each rep was bringing in?