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Business Intelligence Tools for Printers

Ever since the  economic downturn, printers have realized the importance of monitoring their data and reporting on the  numbers. Before this, a MIS was used mainly for estimating and creating jobs. But now there's a big emphasis on getting the edge on your competitors - Business Intelligence gives you the upper hand. 

Business Intelligence (BI) is a way of finding out what's going on in a business. It highlights what's happening and can help you delve deeper to find out why it's happening. 

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Download includes:

  1. What BI is, and how it works.

  2. The three layers of the Tharstern BI tool.

  3. What it looks like and how the BI dashboards are structured. 

  4. Some real-life examples of how different members of your  team can use BI for reporting and planning.

  5. How to get started with BI in your company.

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