Introducing a new rules based automation platform to Tharstern

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31/05/23 14:35

When the Tharstern team joined the eProductivity Software family in March of this year, we were very eager to learn more about all the different technologies and complementary solutions that would be available to our customers. 

This article is about one particularly exciting technology platform called e-Flow Automator - an automation tool that we think our customers are going to gets lots of value from. e-Flow connects the software applications within the ePS portfolio and removes the need for your team to perform manual tasks, allowing them to spend time on the things that really matter! 

We interviewed Nick Benkovich, the VP of Global Portfolio Product Management at ePS, to find out more about how this connectivity works and how Tharstern Desktop users will benefit from it.

What is e-Flow Automator?

e-Flow Automator is a business process automation engine that connects disparate software applications together and sits behind the scenes waiting for an event to happen within the workflow. For example:

  • A new job has been created.
  • An estimate has been converted to a job.
  • A quantity has been changed on an estimate. 

The platform allows you to define follow up actions which are carried out automatically once an event has taken place. Perhaps you want an email to be sent, or a certain file to be sent to another system, or a job status to be updated.

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How does it work?

e-Flow works using automation rules written specifically for each individual business’ needs. It uses ‘If this, then that” logic, to allow users to set different behavioral triggers based on certain criteria. 

For example, you might want the application to take a different action when stock A is being used compared to situations when stock B is being used. Or maybe different actions depending on which supplier is being used.

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You could you even combine the two. For example: 

If using [Supplier A] AND [Stock A] then [take this action] 


If using [Supplier A] and [Stock B] then [take this action] 

This connectivity and automation software has even been used to control a robot system used in a warehouse! The team simply input the actions they’d like the robot to take, and off it goes without needing human intervention, leaving employees to take on more creative and fulfilling roles. We know that might seem like a lofty goal, but hopefully it gives you a clear idea of what could be achieved in the future!

Good news for Tharstern Desktop users

Have we piqued your interest? Well if you’re a Tharstern Desktop user, we have good news! We are currently working on an integration between eFlow and Tharstern Desktop which will allow you to connect other ePS solutions with your MIS and then set up rules based automation in your company. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about how you can get your hands on e-Flow Automator and improve connectivity in your print business. 

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