The 5 Best Blogs to Follow in the Printing Industry in 2023

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21/06/23 12:55

(Updated in June 2023 with new blogs)

We created the Tharstern blog to help the printing industry learn more about technology and how it can benefit their business, but we also read lots of other print related blogs ourselves and we thought we'd share with you what they are!  

Take a look at the top 5 printing industry blogs selected by me and my colleagues as the ones that provide their readers with the most value.

Print BusinessPrint Business Screenshot

Print Business is a widely respected industry magazine that provides well written articles and insightful commentary about industry news and trends. This is a company-wide firm-favourite for me and my colleagues and I know many of us subscribe to (and read) editor Gareth Ward's Monday morning newsletter intro each week. 


Futureprint Screenshot

The Futureprint website has some fantastic content for leaders in print. There's a regularly updated news section on the site, but the real value is in the Futureprint Talks section, their industry reports and their Futurethink Podcast section, which in their words "features thinkers, innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs from outside of print who share inspiring stories, fascinating insight, and views of the future designed to help us lead change." If you're looking for high level thought leadership type content, this is most definitely the resource for you. 

Print Media Centr

Print Media Centr

The Print Media Centr site is run by Deborah Corn, who many of you will have heard of and even met, I'm sure. The reason why this resource is so popular amongst my colleagues is the breadth of choice there is on the site. With several sub-sites, blogs and spin-off podcasts, you really can find a resource that fits in with exactly what you're looking for and be guaranteed regular deliveries of industry insight into your inbox each month.


Two Sides Website ScreenshotThe Two Sides blog focuses on the sustainability of print and paper, and seeks to dismiss common environmental misconceptions by demonstrating how print and paper is both practical and sustainable. There are some great articles that are sent out in their newsletter, and you can also access reports, fact sheets and infographics that could help you demonstrate the sustainability of print to clients!


WhatTheyThink screenshot

WhatTheyThink is a personal favourite of ours within the Tharstern team, especially for their very well written articles on software technology. The site offers a range of educational publications for every niche within print: Wide Format, Labels & Packaging, Production Inkjet and Mergers & Acquisitions, for example, and you can filter through their news and thought leadership type content to make it relevant to your business and your interests. Fair warning though - some of their content is gated, with an annual membership currently costing $199 to unlock it.





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