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Automation secrets: why most automated workflows don't work (and how you can fix this in your print business)


Download includes:

  1. Why you need to adopt a 'Shift Left' culture to automation.

  2. A detailed look at the key problems that are breaking the flow.

  3. How to deal with each of these problems and make sure they don’t cause a problem for you.

  4. How smart printers are using automation to retain talent and  beat the competition.

  5. Some examples of cool automated workflows from printers who have made it work for them.

We all hear talk about the lights out smart factory of Industry 4.0 and we’ve all bought into the dream, but the reality can be very different. You may have already tried to create automated workflows of your own and come up against exceptions that require too much manual intervention. The more you try and sell the dream to your team, the more you hear: "Yes, but we're different, it can't work for us because..."

But the successful printing companies don't let this stop them. They've identified what it is that stops automation from working, and they've put solutions in place to make it work. These are the printers that are creating the smart factory of the future. 

Find out what their secrets are, what problems they uncovered and the solutions they put it in place to create the automated workflows of the future.

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