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How to make automation work for you

Automation helps you save time, money and be more efficient. In this whitepaper, our CEO Keith McMurtrie dishes out tips and tricks for making automation work for your print business.

Download this guide to see how successful printing companies are working faster, using automated workflows. Learn their secrets, the problems they uncovered, and their solutions.

Automation is not unique to the printing industry. It’s happening every day and in every walk of life. We can’t stop the manufacturers from creating faster and smarter equipment - it’s driven by the demand of the consumer and we all contribute to this perpetuation."

How to Make Automation Work for You


Download includes:
  • How automation is being used in other companies to save time and money.
  • How smart printers are using automation to retain talent and beat the competition.
  • Some examples of cool automated workflows from printers who have made it work for them.

I’ve always been a technology geek! - In fact, before I became CEO, I joined Tharstern as a software developer. This was back in the early days of Management Information Systems, when they were little more than glorified calculators. Even back then, I dabbled in a number of integration solutions – Heidelberg’s Data Control product for one, which used a handshake of text files, the make-up of which played a massive part in the JDF structure. Manroland’s PECOM system was another, which used a technology called CORBA as a means to communicate. These companies were way ahead of the curve."
- Keith McMurtrie, Tharstern CEO