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Installation Services

Installation Services

Present your customers with an easy to understand quote that includes a breakdown of all installation costs, along with your print estimates.


Add installation service costs to estimates within your MIS

If you’re quoting for large format or signage jobs that also require installation services, you need to be able to add these service costs to estimates within your MIS. You may also need to quote for campaigns that include a number of different packs, with unique configurations for each.

The Installation Services tool allows you to quote for complex projects that require more than just a print estimate. You can quote for project level services such as artworking and design, installation services such as accommodation and mileage, and add your print estimates to that too.

Tharstern MIS V7 Installation Services

Key features

Manage different store/packs

Create different store/packs for each unique configuration of products and services including stock items and those supplied by the client, and then add your print estimates.

Add project level services to quote

Include project level services such as design and artworking and customize the descriptive text that appears in the quote for these processes.

Add installation services to quote

Once the store/packs have been created, you can add associated installation services such as accommodation, mileage, van hire and sustenance. You have control over what these services are and how much they are charge out at.

Assign unidentified goods received to your job

Easily deal with client supplied items that have been received without knowledge of which job they have been supplied for. Simply select the GRN item that was created on receipt, and then assign to the relevant job.

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