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Technology Guide for Printers

Accounts Software

Accounting software is used to process a company’s financial information and summarize that data in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. Functionality varies but tends to include the ability to track bills, process accounts payable and cash flow, track credit limits, record raw material inventory, process payroll, and claim expenses. These applications allow you to get a full financial picture of your business and make filing and tax returns easier.

How an MIS connects to Accounts software:

You can make significant time savings by integrating your Print MIS solution into your accounts software. The integration creates a bi-directional synchronization between the two applications, removing the need to manually rekey data and reducing the time taken to process the financial aspects of an order.

At Tharstern we integrate with several different financial accounts packages including:

What can be achieved:

We’ve used our integration with Business Central to demonstrate what can be achieved by integrating your MIS software with your financial accounting software. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ability to review account balances and credit limits as early as Estimating to reduce financial risk.
  • Live synchronization of customer and supplier accounts within the financial and MIS databases.
  • Accounts can be checked to highlight those on-stop or over their credit limit within the enquiry, production, and dispatch processes.
  • Sales and purchase ledger activity can be streamlined using dynamic nominal assignment and automated posting routines.
  • Multiple company ledgers can be integrated from a single production database environment.
  • Automatic recording of raw material inventory, WIP, finished goods, and CoGS can remove the need for time-consuming monthly reporting processes.