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The MIS of choice for innovative printing companies that are looking for a competitive edge

A Management Information System created by workflow integration specialists, who can help you achieve your technological vision and lead the way.

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How Tharstern can help you innovate

Create custom workflows

We are widely recognized as experts in integration and can help you create a workflow that’s unique to your needs.

Make better, faster decisions

Extract business intelligence from your MIS data and use it to track KPIs, analyze business operations and make key decisions.

Increase automation

Exploit the knowledge of our team and the connectivity of our software to automate even more of your processes.

Helping you blaze a trail

The printing industry can be tough, but there is also plenty of opportunity - those printers who have embraced technology are thriving!

So you need an MIS partner who knows all about the latest technology and can help you integrate it into your workflow to create competitive advantage. 

Our technological expertise and open software allows you to do just that. We will work with you to create innovative workflows that blaze a trail in the industry for others to follow.


How to get started

Here is what to expect from first contact:

1. We call you 

We'll call you to find out about your needs, so we can see if our MIS will be a good fit for your company.

2. We visit you

If it is, we'll arrange a visit to show you how our MIS would work in your company. This will be tailored to the needs we discussed in our call.

3. We send you a proposal

Following the visit and further needs analysis, we'll send a proposal with costs and explain where you can expect to get your ROI from.

Okay, let's do this!

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Happy Customers!

Our solutions help clients like:

Elle Media GroupOur investments in automated systems and technology have allowed us to grow the business by 40% in under 18 months with no additional staff. 

James Cuthbert Elle Media Group


Real-time transparency into our own business means we can make educated decisions every step of the way. Thanks to Tharstern it’s much easier to plan for the future. 
JohnHenry Ruggieri, SunDance

McGowans-Logo-1It’s now quicker and easier to answer customer’s questions about where their job is and how long it will take. They know what to expect and they will know when we will deliver.”
Saif Ullah Mehr, McGowans

The MIS that will support future plans for diversification

Our MIS supports all these sectors in the same product - there is only one version of our software. So if you want to diversify into other types of print, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

To beat the competition in today’s digital print market, you need to return quotes back to the customer super-fast, and then deliver the jobs in record time.

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Digital Printing

Offset Litho Printing

Offset litho jobs can be incredibly complex to impose and there are often multiple ways to produce a job. To be truly efficient and beat the competition, you need an MIS that will automatically select the correct imposition based on your equipment, processes and production preferences.

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Digital Printing

Large Format Printing

Large format work comes with its own unique requirements, so to be truly successful in the large format sector, your MIS needs to be able to cope with complex campaigns and quote for different stores and different store profiles.

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Digital Printing

Carton Packaging

If you want to create a packaging workflow that’s going to help you grow, you need an MIS that combines your estimating, CAD and Prepress workflows into one seamless solution.

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Digital Printing

Labels and Flexible Packaging

If you want to automate, it's crucial that you get the estimating process correct. To do this, you need  an MIS that understands the unique requirements of labels and flexible packaging production at the estimating level.

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Want to see a live demo?

One of our experts can come and walk you through the features of the Tharstern MIS.